Organic production of Stevia



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An indispensable source-book for the research scholars working in the field of organic production of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni. It includes information about non-caloric nature of this natural sweetener, its bioactive compounds (300 times sweeter than sucrose) and uses as a sweetening agent for diabetics and health conscious consumers. It also describes the effect of organic manures (FYM, Compost & Vermicompost), biofertilizers (PSB, Rhizobium & Azotobacter) and plant growth regulators (GA, IAA & IBA) in alone and combination treatments on the productivity of Stevia. The special feature of this book includes the statistically analyzed data on the various growth parameters about morphological characters, absolute growth, harvest index and yield attributes of this miracle plant. The book would help farmers, home-scale producers, grower companies, researchers and others to boost up the production of Stevia plants. The results mentioned in this book are the conclusions made by the author. However, there may be variations in the different agro-climatic conditions.


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